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Students of Fort Hill Integrated College Experience the Trip of a Lifetime!


A group of 30 students and staff from Fort Hill Integrated College recently experienced the trip of a lifetime when they spent four days in Iceland on a spectacular Geography field trip.  The packed itinerary enabled students to appreciate not only the immense beauty of the landscape, but to view some of the most outstanding physical geography features of anywhere on the planet!  Whilst unexpectedly mild weather prevented first-hand sighting of the Aurora Borealis, students' curiosity for natural phenomena was nevertheless satiated by viewing of volcanic mountains, glaciers, canyons, geysers, awesome waterfalls, the atmospheric black beach of Vik, not to mention the ultimate swim in the warm, therapeutic, mineral rich waters of the Blue Lagoon.


In addition, Fort Hill College's PTA funded a visit to Iceland's historical culture museum along with a visit to natural hot springs where students boiled eggs.  A shopping spree in Reykjavik served as the grand finale to what was a superb educational trip that is anticipated to become a regular event in the calendar of Fort Hill College.

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