Year 8 Welcome

Restart 2020-21

Return to School Dates & Times

Monday 24th August

Staff Training

New Year 8 (all) Arrive 12:30pm Induction Finish 3:05pm

Tuesday 25th August

Years 12&14 Arrive 9:00am Induction Finish 12:00pm

New Year 8 (cohort X) Arrive 12:30pm Assessments Finish 3:05pm

Wednesday 26th August

Year 11 Arrive 9:00am Induction Finish 12:00pm

New Year 8 (cohort Y) Arrive 12:30pm Assessments Finish 3:05pm

Thursday 27th August

Years 9&10 Arrive 9:00am Induction Finish 12:00pm

Reserve for new students missing assessments Arrive 12:30pm Finish 3:05pm

Friday 28th  August


Year 12 Arrive 9:00am Teaching Finish 12:00pm.  Year 8 Arrive 9:30am Induction Finish 12:30pm

Staff review and planning

School Equipment

Under current guidance students will have to bring their own equipment, and will not be able to borrow any of the following items in school.

Hand Sanitiser

Facilities will be available throughout school, but students are advised to bring their own small container of hand sanitiser to help maintain hand hygiene.


Pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, sharpeners, colouring pens/pencils, calculator.

Water bottle

Communal water fountains will not be accessible and therefore students should bring their own bottle/container with water in it.


School canteen will not be available during break. Students should bring their own break if required

School Canteen

Packed lunches will be available from the canteen, and must be pre-ordered through the online system which all will be notified of in August.

As no students will be allowed to leave the college site during break or lunch, students who do not want a packed lunch provided by the canteen, must bring their own.

School Uniform

Current guidance states that,  "While coronavirus can land on fabrics and remain for some time, schools are not a high risk environment and while all children and young people should be encouraged to wear clean uniform or fresh clothes each day, this is not essential".


Fort Hill Integrated College will therefore be expecting all students to have full uniform available in preparation for a return to normality.


As policies are updated in light of COVID-19 guidance they will be posted on our School Policy homepage here >


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