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Cache Extended Diploma

CACHE Level 3 Extended Diploma for Children’s care, Learning and Development incorporating Level 3 Diploma for Children’s Care Learning and Development

​What is CACHE?

Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education (CACHE)

CACHE is the leading provider of nationally recognised qualifications in early years care and education and in play/work. Its courses and qualifications provide the underpinning knowledge and practical training for child care and education practitioners who work with children and families in a wide range of settings. The settings include childminding, play groups, crèches, nursery, infant or primary schools or classes, day nurseries, family centres, play settings and hospitals within the public, private and voluntary sectors.

CACHE Level 3 Extended Diploma for Children’s Care, Learning and Development incorporating Level 3 Diploma for Children’s Care, Learning and Development ( 2 year)

This course qualifies students to go directly into employment to work as a supervisor with young children and their families or older children with special needs for example, a nursery supervisor, nanny, pre-school leader or special educational needs support worker.  A range of mandatory and optional units are completed over the two years. 

A requirement of the course is to attend placement for three days during Year 13 and two days during Year 14.

This qualification is fully affiliated with UCAS points representational by grade and allows direct entrance into University for example: Early Year Studies and Nursing.


At Post 16 the Diploma in Child Care & Education is offered which is equivalent to 168 UCAS points at A*.   Pupils may use the qualification to enter nursing, early year’s degree or go into Classroom Assistant or Day Nursery work.

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