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Click the button to download our guidelines on using the internet safely.


Due to the increasing use of the internet for research, social networking, music downloads, online chat etc, all students are taught how to use the internet safely and what to do if they come across any dangers online.

Internet Watch Foundation -

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Take It Down

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In school a number of issues which staff have to deal with arise as a result of pupils inappropriate use of technology and of social networking.  Sites such as Facebook can be locked down so that only friends can access information.  Many of our pupils do not make use of this 'lock down’ facility and much of their information is open to members of the public.  We would encourage you to view the links below:

Valuable tips for keeping our kids safe online:

Computer Use Contract

All students and Parents/Guardians are required to sign our Acceptable Use Policy to ensure that everyone understands the need for safe and sensible use of the facilities available in school and those available for learning at home.

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