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Mentoring Programme

Two years ago we introduced a Mentoring Programme in school to support some of our Year 12 students in their preparation for GCSEs.
Each year we select 20 students who, according to tracking results, would benefit from extra support in achieving 5 C grades or above. Each student is paired with a teacher mentor and meets with his/her mentor on a weekly basis to establish barriers to learning, agree areas of focus and discuss strategies for improvement. Mentors also work on revision planning, study skills and motivation as necessary.

The Mentoring Programme has proven extremely successful as the statistics below show:

2015 - 81% of mentored pupils achieved 5 C grades or above.
2016 - 95% of mentored pupils achieved 5 C grades or above.

As a school, we are delighted with the positive outcome of the programme, both for our successful pupils and for the staff who gave of their own time to conduct mentoring sessions.

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