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At Fort Hill Integrated College we not only consider the importance of academic achievement but we also place great emphasis upon pupils developing as individuals, so that they will be able to meet the external demands made upon them and become good citizens making a worthwhile contribution to the community.

To help in achieving these aims we have established a Pastoral System within the school.  As part of this pastoral care programme your son or daughter is assigned to a Form Teacher who will help with everyday matters and problems if they occur.

All classes have daily registration time with their Form Teacher at start of each day.  During this time a programme is followed to enable your child to settle into Fort Hill as quickly as possible and to know what to do if certain situations arise e.g. if they are sick or have an accident.  They will learn about extra-curricular activities, to understand our expectation with regard to behaviour, standards of appearance, work (including homework), examination procedures and relationships with other people.

Each Form Teacher works with the Pastoral Leader who is responsible for the Year group.  These staff have expertise in this field and they liaise with outside agencies and with you the parents.

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