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Members of Staff:

  • Mr B Allison (Curriculum Leader)

  • Mrs D Simpson

  • Mrs E Rodgers


In Geography we aim to help pupils:

  • Develop key geographical skills so that they can understand the world around them. We aim to do this by presenting Geography in an interesting, up-to-date and enjoyable way.

  • Understand a wide range of human and physical Geography to help them develop environmental awareness, along with the opportunity to develop a good understanding of their local area and a broader knowledge of the wider world.

Key Stage 3

Year 8 - An Introduction to Geography

- What is Geography?

- Reading and understanding maps.

- Weather and climate

- Settlements

- Rivers

- Including extended writing opportunities and developing ICT skills within Geography.

Year 9 - Developing an environmental awareness

- Weathering, rivers and coasts

- Industry

- Resources and the environment

- Population

- World Issues

Year 10 - The Dynamic Earth

- Restless Earth (Earthquakes, Volcanoes and rocks)

- Giant's Causeway trip and project.

- World Development

- Globalisation


Why do GCSE Geography?

GCSE Geography is a popular choice for students in Fort Hill College.

Geography is a good choice as;

  • It helps us understand the world around us and how we can live in it sustainably.

  • It helps pupils develop a range of useful skills such as map reading, data collection, ICT and problem solving.

  • It is a useful and desirable qualification for many courses

  • It opens up a wide variety of career pathways e.g. architecture, law, leisure and tourism, estate agency, the armed services, travel and tourism and many more.

Unit 1 in yr 11 - Physical Study

(Exam worth 40%).

  • The dynamic landscape (drainage basins, river and coastal processes and sustainable management of rivers and coasts)

  • Our changing weather and climate (elements of weather, weather systems, causes and consequences of weather)

  • The restless earth (rock types, plate tectonic theory, earthquakes and their management)

  • This unit includes a field trip to Newcastle Co. Down to study coastal defenses.

Unit 2 in yr 12 - Human Geography

(Exam Worth 40%)

  • People and where they live (population growth, change and structure, settlements and urbanization)

  • Contrasts in World development (development gap, factors affecting development and sustainable solutions)

  • Managing our resources (impact of our increasing use of resources, managing waste and sustainable tourism)

  • This unit includes a field trip to the Titanic Quarter in Belfast to study urban regeneration in an MEDC.

School Trips

Within the Geography department we like to offer school trips within all our courses to help pupils understand and appreciate our natural surroundings and how they have formed over the years. Throughout our school curriculum we offer many trips to places such as, Giants Causeway, Colin Glen Forest Park and Newcastle.

We also offer trips during school holidays for junior school pupils where we believe this not only improves their geographical knowledge but also their social and communication skills. These trips are to places such as Iceland and New York.

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