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Heart Hero Award

Melissa Doyle Receives Award

On Saturday 6th October, Melissa Doyle received an award at the British Heart Heroes National Heart Hero Award ceremony in London’s Shakespeare’s Globe. Melissa was instrumental in the successful resuscitation of her mother Claire following a cardiac arrest last year. Since then she has been involved with British Heart Foundation raising awareness through interviews, public speaking and charity work of the importance of CPR training in schools. Fort Hill College is very proud that CPR training is offered to staff and pupils throughout school and of all Melissa’s achievements.

Our School Nurse Eileen McConnell was awarded runner up in the British Heart Foundation Professional Award 2017 held in Belfast City Hall on 29/06/2017.  The awards recognise and celebrate the heart research charity’s supporters, fundraisers, volunteers and patients who have made an exceptional contribution to the fight against heart disease.  The category included other medical professionals, but Eileen’s nomination was unique in that her contribution has placed lifesaving skills in the hands of hundreds of others of all ages and backgrounds.  

Eileen has worked through the past 2 years to ensure every member of the school community, staff and pupils have been trained in lifesaving CPR skills. This award is not only for Eileen who has pioneered the need for the whole school to have these lifesaving skills but also the staff and pupils who have wholeheartedly thrown themselves into learning how to save a life. 

Eileen would like to thank all the staff, pupils, parents and friends of Fort Hill Integrated College who took the time out to vote for her. This award reflects the work and support the entire School Community has given to have the “Call Push and Rescue Programme” offered to all staff and pupils within the college.

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