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Mathematics is a core subject studied by all pupils up to GCSE level.


Our aim is to equip all pupils with the knowledge of mathematics needed for their future life; we encourage our pupils to aim to leave school with a good GCSE qualification in the subject (Grade C or above).


An encouraging number of pupils have gained GCSE passes in mathematics at grades A*-C in recent years.

Staff & Courses

Mathematics is taught by 6 permanent teachers in the mathematics department:

  • Miss J Woolsey (Curriculum Leader 1)

  • Mrs L Murray (Curriculum Leader 2)

  • Mrs A Richer (Pastoral Leader)

  • Mr B McAlinden

  • Miss E Donnelly (Pastoral Leader)

  • Key Stage 3 Revised Curriculum Programme of Study (for pupils in Years 8 and 9).

  • Year 10 begin their transition to GCSE Mathematics by completing an introductory year to GCSE content.

  • GCSE Mathematics (CCEA) for pupils in Key Stage 4.

For information on the CCEA GCSE specification please click here


We are well equipped and use a variety of resources in mathematics lessons:

  • (see below).

  • Topic resource booklets created by our own staff are copied for every pupil.

  • Interactive activities such as Tarsia jigsaw puzzles, Izak9 Cubes, memory maps and mini-whiteboard activities.

  • Past paper work in preparation for external examinations.

  • All maths rooms are equipped with an interactive whiteboard.

  • is a highly recommended site with video tutorials and practice questions ranging from Primary level right up to GCSE level.

  • Resources for all year groups will be available on Google Classroom for remote learning.


  • Fort Hill College has subscribed to this very popular and highly recommended website which is used by many pupils in schools throughout the United Kingdom.

  • Pupils are given individual log-in usernames and passwords which allow access to many on-line lessons, exercises, homework, etc.

  • Pupils can access this website from home or wherever they have internet access. (A homework club runs in school on Wednesday afternoons, where pupils may access computers in the library).

  • Pupils can receive feedback and can use the website for revision, further support, etc.

  • Teachers can monitor pupil performance in on-line homework.

  • We encourage all our pupils in all year groups to make use of this valuable resource.

Timetable & Support

  • Years 8 – 12: 4 periods per week (45 minutes per period) 

  • Years 8-10 also have 1 period per week of Numeracy – learning how to apply mathematical skills and knowledge across the curriculum, in preparation for applying it in everyday life. Year 8 focus on times table skills, building up accuracy and speed. Year 9 focus on mental maths skills and techniques. The Year 10 focus is on developing problem solving skills and reinforcing mental and written mathematical techniques.

We are fortunate to have a very dedicated, hard-working department who go out of their way to help pupils who work hard and are trying their best. Some strategies they employ are:

  • Individual or group support in class

  • Break time/lunch support for individuals or groups

  • After school subject support sessions

  • Revisiting topics of difficulty as a class

  • Providing resources for pupils who need to do some extra practice.

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