Physical Education

OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3 in Sport

100% A* to C over past two years


What do I need to bring to the course?

An interest and knowledge in the world of sport, be self-motivated and have a desire to succeed. The course is assessed by portfolio with no external exams therefore all students must be willing to spend time outside the classroom researching and producing assignments.

A background in sports participation at competitive level is desirable as this gives student an insight into the world of sport.

Six units studies over two years

Principles of anatomy and physiology in sport

Human anatomy and physiology is one of the key underpinning themes for anyone aspiring to work in sport - and the focus of this unit. By exploring how bodies work and are changed by exercise, students start to identify methods to bring about changes in others through sports sessions and activities.


Sports coaching

In this unit, students consider the underlying roles, responsibilities and techniques employed by coaches before putting their knowledge to use in planning and delivering sports coaching sessions.


The physiology of fitness

This unit builds on the knowledge developed in OCR Cambridge Technical in Sport Unit 1 Anatomy and Physiology, and extends it further to look at changes that occur in the body after long term physical activity. 


Practical individual sports

Through this unit, students will develop their skills, techniques and use of tactics/strategies in selected individual sports, and their understanding of rules and regulations. They’ll be able to use a number of methods to analyse their own performance and that of others.


Fitness training and programming

This unit is designed to provide students with the understanding and skills to plan and design fitness training sessions and programmes, as well as reviewing and evaluating their own. It will aim to give them experience of working with a client.


Current issues in sport

This unit will give students an insight into how sport has evolved from an uncodified and often violent beginning to a multi-billion-pound worldwide industry. They’ll consider a range of media influences and contemporary issues that shape how we view and participate in sport.


Organising sports events

While the unit will require students to deliver a sports event and consider promotional material and effective planning, the focus is on them understanding their role in a team and their input, and reflecting on personal development.

How Will It Be Assessed?

Units are internally assessed using a variety of assessment methods from posters to PowerPoint’s, session plans, training diaries, video files and essays.

*There is no external exam*


How will this subject help me in my application to Further/Higher Education and in my future career?

Cambridge Technical’ s allows students to progress to Further and Higher Education with a recognised qualification valued at the UCAS points listed below. Equally this qualification gives students practical hands on experience which will be of benefit in employment within the sports industry.


Also, Under 18 football team organised for sixth form. They play in Belfast Schools Cup.