Public Services

This qualification is aimed at learners who would like to gain future employment in the public service sector. The qualification develops the learner’s abilities through knowledge and skills gained in the programme. This course is designed to aid entry into both uniformed and non-uniformed public services.


Members of Staff:

Mr B Allison (Curriculum Leader)          - Units 2,5 & 33.

Mr S Kitchen                                              - Units 1 & 3.

Unit 1 - Government, Politics & The Public Services

  • Know the different levels of government in the UK.

  • Understand the democratic election process for each level of government in the UK.

  • Know the impact of UK government policies on the public services.

  • Be able to demonstrate how government policies are developed.

Unit 2 - Leadership & Teamwork In The Public Services

  • Understand the styles of leadership and the role of a team leader.

  • Be able to communicate effectively to brief and debrief a team.

  • Be able to use appropriate skills and qualities to lead a team.

  • Be able to participate in teamwork activities within public services.

Unit 3 - Citizenship, Diversity & The Public Services

  • Understand the meaning and benefits of citizenship and diversity.

  • Know the legal and humanitarian rights that protect citizens and promotes diversity.

  • Understand the role of public services in enforcing diversity and providing equality of service.

  • Be able to investigate current affairs, media and support.

Unit 5 - Physical Preparation, Health & Lifestyle For Public Services

  • Know the fitness requirements for entry into the public services.

  • Know the major human body systems.

  • Know the importance of lifestyle factors in the maintenance of health and wellbeing.

  • Be able to provide advice on lifestyle improvement.

  • Be able to plan a health related physical activity programme in preparation for the public services. 

Unit 33 - Volunteering in Public Services

  • Understand the importance of volunteering in public services.

  • Know the different types of voluntary work available.

  • Understand the skills required for voluntary work.

  • Be able to undertake voluntary work.

Unit 33 - In September 2017 & 2018; the Yr13 BTEC Public Service group spent the day volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Lisburn. Jobs included recycling kitchens, upcycling furniture, sorting materials to avoid landfill and generally assisting around the store.

Unit 33 - December 2017 & November 2018; the year 13 BTEC public services completed an overnight rough sleep out to raise awareness and funds to support homeless people and the work of Habitat for Humanity.

Over the course of the autumn term one group raised £2000 the other £2500

Unit 33 - The year 13 BTEC Public Services group spend a very informative morning at Lisburn Fire Station.

Unit 33 - The year 13 BTEC Public Services group have been working with students from Parkview Special School.

A group of Parkview students visit Fort Hill Integrated College every week. Our students then help them acquire some basic food perpetration skills in the home economics department.

This collaboration has proved hugely successful and rewarding for all involved.


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