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Religious Studies

Members of Staff:

  • Mrs S. Graham (Curriculum Leaders)

  • Mrs R. Tuft (Curriculum Leaders)

  • Ms. K Patterson

  • Mrs F. Kennedy

  • Miss E. McCall

In RS we aim to help pupils:

  • Think for themselves, giving opinions on moral and religious issues;

  • Gain knowledge of the Bible stories, centring on the life and teachings of Christ;

  • Understand the beliefs and practices of world religions other than their own, in an open-minded and respectful way.

This unique subject covers many important real life matters and many aspects of the Christian faith, and other world religions.

What We Offer

Key Stage 3

All classes follow an interesting and varied course, covering aspects of the Bible and moral issues that young people may face today; showing our young people that RS is relevant to all pupils.

Have you ever

wondered about some of life's most important issues?

Key Stage 4

All classes follow a non-exam course, however, pupils may choose to do GCSE R.S. We follow the CCEA syllabus, and teach the Introduction to Christian Ethics and Mark’s Gospel units. To find out more information please follow the hyperlink -

  • Year 11 students will study Ethics and be examined in June of Year 11 (50% of course)

  • Year 12 students will study Mark’s Gospel and be examined in June of Year 12 (50% of course)


On a Wednesday lunch time the RS department provide a Scripture Union club, where pupils come to enjoy friendship, have lunch and meet to share common beliefs surrounding God, in a fun and engaging way.

We have welcomed speakers into SU and RS classes, such as Crown Jesus Ministries, The Gideons and the Scripture Union spoke to RS classes as well.


Below are photos of our GCSE class raising money for Christian Aid.

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