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A Level Sociology (AQA)

Lead Teacher: Mrs S. Alton

About the course: 

The central aim of  A Level Sociology is to study human relationships and social structures, dealing with a variety of topics including family, religion, work, education, sexuality, gender and race.


Skills that are developed:

  • Use of evidence to support your argument.

  • How to investigate facts and use deduction

  • Critical thinking

  • Making reasoned arguments

  • Developing opinions and new ideas on societal issues

  • The ability to analyse and better understand societal issues

Units covered: 

Year 13

Paper 1 - Education with Methods in Context

Paper 2 – Family structures and Research Methods


AS Sociology focuses on social institutions such as the education system and family structures allowing students to develop valuable transferable skills including critical analysis, independent thinking and research.


As AQA is an English board you need to be aware of the following:

AS level is a separate qualification and does not count towards the final A Level result

Paper 1 and 2 of the A Level  mirror AS level papers  but with some longer questions

Units covered:

Year 14


Paper 1 - Education with Theory and Methods

Paper 2  - Families/Households and Beliefs in Society

Paper 3 - Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods


In A2 Sociology, you re-cap the topics of education and family and add a second topic – beliefs, as well as studying Crime and Deviance.

In the Beliefs topic you study ideology, science and religion, including both Christian and non-Christian religious traditions, looking at the relationship between social change and religious beliefs, practices and organisations. You also study religious organisations, including cults, sects, denominations, churches and New Age movements along with the significance of religion and religiosity in the contemporary world.

In Crime and Deviance, you will learn about criminal and deviant behaviour, including factors that might lead a person down this path in life and how the media portrays them. You will expand upon you research skills and study theory (what other sociologists and thinkers say about this)and methods.

Where will this course take me?

An A Level in Sociology is valued by both universities and employers as it demonstrates a high level of communication skills and the ability to think analytically.

It could lead to careers in:

Criminology, Sociology, Journalism, Social Work, Law, Probationary and Youth Studies, HR, Teaching, Business, History, Marketing, Social Policy development, Youth Work, Probationary Work, Social Services, Education, Criminal Justice, Government, Counselling, Charities and the Voluntary Sector, Charity Fundraiser, Community Development Worker, Social Researcher and Welfare Rights Adviser.

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