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KS3 Science

All KS3 pupils have 3x 45 Minute periods of Science per week. We cover a wide base of topics from the three branches of Science and attempt to give a sound foundation for GCSE.

KS4 Science

All Fort Hill pupils take a full GCCE Science course, regardless of their ability. Yr10 pupils have the option of sitting CEA Double Award Science, which provides a solid foundation for A-level Science and/or a STEM career. Those pupils who do not wish to take this option sit CEA Single Award Science.

Download examples of Mark Schemes below:

A Level Science

The Science department are delighted to offer a full A-Level in Science called GCE Life and Health Science (CCEA specification). This A-Level is taught by 2 subject specialists and prepares pupils to work in the Healthcare sector in Northern Ireland. The topics students study include: Human Organ Systems, Chemical Engineering Processes, Organic Chemistry and Practical Laboratory skills. There are a number degree courses that this A-Level can lead to (some in combination with other subjects) including Sports Studies, Geography, Biology, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Speech and Language Therapy, Civil Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and more. It is also a subject that can be used for some courses at Stranmillis Teacher Training College and CAFRE Agricultural College.

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